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Bring Your Own Device Internet

The letters BYOD and the words bring your own device.
Continue on to Classlink with the Classlink logo.

Click here if you've already connected to the YCUSD BYOD WiFi network to continue on to Classlink.

Please note: this network is only available while you are on your school campus, not at home.
The YCUSD Information and Technology department equipped most students with Chromebooks for distance learning, but we were not able to cover every student.  We want to enable those students that do not have a district-issued device to use their own, safely, on our network.  YCUSD_BYOD should help with that.
YCUSD_BYOD is now being broadcast at school sites.  Connecting to this network is easy (kind of like the wifi at a hotel), but will require that personal devices walk through an installation of our certificate for security purposes.  Here is what to expect:
  • Connect your personal device to YCUSD_BYOD using the passphrase "education" (no quotes).  Once connected, the device may say 'no internet'.  This is normal.
  • Open a browser and browse to 
  • The browser will be redirected to a 'Terms and Conditions' page.  Click Accept and Continue:
  • The browser will now be redirected to our BYOD landing page.  In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff online and protect our network, personal devices must follow the instructions for their device in the BYOD tabs ONLY ONCE (the first time they connect).  From then on, personal device users can 'Continue on to Classlink' when they reach this page.

Device Menu

blue arrow

For instructions on how to connect to our BYOD WiFi network, click on your device tab above.


  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Below) 
  2. Click 'Open' to open the downloaded certificate
  3. Click 'Install Certificate'
  4. Click 'Next'
  5. Click 'Place all certificates in the following store'
  6. Click 'Browse'
  7. Choose 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities'
  8. Click 'OK'
  9. Click 'Next'
  10. Click 'Finish'
  11. Click 'Yes' to install the certificate
  12. Click 'OK' twice
Blue button "Root Certificate"


  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Located Below)
  2. Save the file to your computer
  3. In Firefox Options, go to 'Advanced' then 'Certificates' then 'View Certificates'
  4. Select the 'ckroot.crt' file that you downloaded in step 1, and click 'Open'
  5. Check the box beside 'Trust this Certificate to identify websites'
  6. Click 'OK' twice
Blue button "Root Certificate"


  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Located Below)
  2. Click 'Install' to trust the Root Certificate
  3. Enter your device passcode if prompted
  4. Click 'Install' twice
  5. While in Settings, go to General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings
  6. Enable full trust for the ContentKeeper certificate
  7. Click Continue on the Root Certificate pop-up
Blue button "Root Certificate"


  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Located Below)
  2. In the Chrome address bar type: chrome://settings/certificates
  3. Click the 'Authorities' tab
  4. Click the 'Import' button
  5. Select the 'ckroot.crt' file that you downloaded in step 1, and click 'Open'
  6. Check the 'Trust this certificate for identifying websites'
  7. Click 'OK'
  8. Click 'Done'
Blue button "Root Certificate"


***You must set a screen unlock PIN or password for Android to allow the steps below
  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Located Below)
  2. Click the 'Root Certificate' button
  3. In the 'Certificate name' field enter 'ck'
  4. In the 'Credential use' field, leave the selection at 'VPN and apps'
  5. Click 'OK'
Blue button "Root Certificate"


  1. Click the 'Root Certificate' button (Located Below)
  2. Double-click the downloaded ckroot.crt from your Downloads folder on your Mac
  3. Enter your Mac's admin username and password if prompted
  4. Choose 'System' from the keychain drop-down list
  5. Double-click the certificate called 'ContentKeeper Root Certificate'
  6. Expand the 'Trust' section and change 'When using this certificate' to 'Always Trust'
  7. Close the pop-up
  8. Enter your Mac's admin username and password if prompted
  9. Quit the Keychain Application
Blue button "Root Certificate"