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Placement In Math Courses Policy- 9th Grade

Placement Protocols

Placement Protocols

AR 6152.1
In determining student placement in mathematics courses for students entering grade 9, the Superintendent or designee shall assess whether each student has the prerequisite skills for success in the course and consider student and parent/guardian requests. Such determinations shall be based on multiple measures, including, but not limited to, the following:
1. Interim and summative grade 8 mathematics assessments from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
2. For students with disabilities, an alternate test or other measures when designated in a student's individualized education program (IEP)
3. Other assessments such as Measures of Academic Progress, the readiness tests of the University of California's Mathematics Diagnosis Testing Project, and/or district benchmark assessments
4. The student's grades in his/her previous mathematics course
5. The final mathematics grade on the end-of-year report card
(cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)
(cf. 6142.92 - Mathematics Instruction)
(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)
(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)
(cf. 6162.51 - State Academic Achievement Tests)
Individual student performance data shall be analyzed each spring prior to scheduling and placing students into secondary mathematics courses. Students and parents/guardians shall be notified in writing by the end of the school year as to the mathematics course in which the student has been placed.
No student shall be required to repeat a mathematics course which he/she has successfully completed in accordance with district's placement protocols.
When a student does not qualify to be enrolled in a particular mathematics course based on a consideration of the objective measures specified in the placement protocol, he/she may nevertheless be admitted to the course based on the recommendation of a teacher or counselor who has personal knowledge of the student's academic ability.
Students who exhibit deficits in knowledge and skills needed to advance to a higher level mathematics course may receive supplemental instruction to improve achievement of mathematic content standards.
(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)
(cf. 6179 - Supplemental Instruction)
Within the first month of the school year, mathematics course placements shall be individually reevaluated to ensure placement in the most rigorous mathematics course for which the student has the potential for success.
Criteria for reevaluating each student's placement shall include, but are not limited to, course preassessment results, attendance, and student performance in the first month of the school year as determined by teacher observation and grades on assignments and tests. Student and parent/guardian request for course placement may also be considered.
Notification of Placement Protocol
The district's policy and protocols related to student placement in mathematics courses shall be posted on the district's web site. (Education Code 51224.7)
(cf. 1113 - District and School Web Sites)
The Superintendent or designee shall also make the district's placement policy, protocols, and course sequence readily accessible to students, parents/guardians, and staff at school sites and/or in student handbooks.
Within 10 school days of an initial placement decision or a placement decision upon reevaluation, a student and his/her parent/guardian who disagree with the placement may appeal the decision to the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee shall decide whether or not to overrule the placement determination within 10 school days of receiving the appeal.
approved: June 11, 2019 Yuba City, California
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