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Welding and Materials Joining

Students trained in the Welding and Materials Joining Pathway will develop an overview of basic design functions, operations and applications. Students successfully completing the program requirements will be able to properly use computer aided equipment, welders, hand tools, power tools, and measuring equipment in a manner consistent with industry standards and requirements.  Students will be able to perform welding procedures to include inspecting, diagnosing welds correctly. Students will learn to perform  many types of welds, using SMAW, MIG Welding, TIG welding, and computer  controlled (CNC) robotic  plasma cutters.  Our program uses local businesses as an extension of the classroom.  The welding industry is rapidly becoming more dependent on the computers and robotic welders.  It is highly recommended that students develop the ability to work with computers.  Upon completion of the career pathway requirements, students will find that their skills are highly marketable and will have the training to be employable as an entry level position in the welding industry. Further post-secondary education is highly recommended.