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Welcome To The Central Warehouse

Welcome To The Central Warehouse   iconWelcome To The Central Warehouse title

Yuba City Unified School District
730 Gray Avenue 
Yuba City, Ca 95991
Phone:  (530) 822-5254
Fax:       (530) 822-5267
Warehouse Team

Warehouse Team iconWarehouse Teamtitle

Chelsey Slattery
Director of Student Nutrition
and Purchasing / Warehouse

(530) 822-5075


            Jacqueline Uriostegui-Pineda
            Warehouse Specialist

            (530) 790-2573 ext.30108



      Lonny Ownbey
      Warehouse Person

     (530) 822-5254 ext.30109



Frank Sturgeon
Warehouse Delivery/Courier Person

(530) 822-5254 ext.30110