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Human Resources

M Reed


Michael Reed

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

(530) 822-7630

E Davis
  M Wood
Esmeralda Davis
Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of HR
(530) 822-7631
Michael Wood
Human Resources Technician (Certificated)
(530) 822-7633
  P Chesini
Charanjit Bassi
Human Resources Technician 
(530) 674-4958
Paula Chesini
Personnel Specialist II (Classified)
(530) 822-7632
L Vargas





Lisa Vargas
Personnel Specialist II (Certificated)
(530) 822-7634


Roxane Goodman
Benefits Specialist
(530) 822-7674


Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities iconEmployment Opportunitiestitle

YCUSD uses EdJoin to post all job openings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions iconFrequently Asked Questionstitle

Q: "Where can I find Job Openings?"
A: Ed-Join

Frequently Asked Questions for Ed-Join
Q: After I have completed an application, how do I apply for a job?
A: After completing an application, go to the openings for YCUSD. At all times,
YCUSD has a posting open for “elementary teachers” or “secondary teachers.”
You should apply for one of these categories and in addition, if you see a specific
posting for a specific school or grade level, also apply for that position.

Q: If I apply for the “elementary” or “secondary” teacher postings, will I also be
considered for all other openings?
A: The “elementary” and “secondary” teaching postings will let the YCUSD know that
you are interested in teaching in YCUSD. As administrators have positions open,
they will also review all applications for these two postings. If you are interested in a
specific job posting, you must submit your application for that position.

Q: Do I need to apply for each posting that I am interested in?
A: Yes

Q: How soon after the position closes will I receive an interview?
A: Once the position closes, those applications will be forwarded to the
administrator of that position. The administrator will then review applications and
contact individuals for interviews.

Q: How will I be contacted for an interview?
A: You will receive a phone call from the administrator of the school.

Q: What type of new teacher support does YCUSD provide?
A: YCUSD is involved in the BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment)
and PAR (Peer Assistance and Review) Programs.

Q: If I hold an out-of-state credential, how can I obtain a California credential?
A: For all credentialing questions, please contact