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Educational Services

Pamela Aurangzeb
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
(530) 822-7612
 Sandra Torres    
Sandra Torres
Administrative Assistant
(530) 822-7612

About the Educational Services Division

Welcome to the YCUSD Division of Educational Services. The Educational Services Division is comprised of the following departments: Assessment & Accountability, Child Development Programs, Curriculum & Instruction, School Readiness, Student Support, and Student Services.  We are charged with implementing the YCUSD District Initiatives which include:


  • Full implementation of the YCUSD core programs to provide a guaranteed curriculum intended to bring all students to grade-level performance or beyond. 
  • Implementation of a program that utilizes key instructional principles and methodologies to address the learning needs of YCUSD English Learners for timely acquisition of English proficiency and academic success in core content classes.
  • Create a learning environment that promotes consistent and congruent involvement of the minds of all learners throughout the instructional time.


The Educational Services Division works collaboratively to ensure that all school communities make informed decisions and promote quality education through the use of assessment, data analysis, implementation of the core programs, and effective instructional practices.