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Unit/Hour Approval for Salary Schedule Advancement

The District’s collective bargaining agreement with YCTA states that prior approval will be granted for any course/training that provides a benefit to:
  • The unit member’s current assignment; or
  • The District’s educational program.
The District will continue to approve courses previously approved for salary schedule advancement.  Listed below are previously approved courses organized by college or provider.  This is an evolving list so check back when you need additional course ideas.  In addition, courses taken for the following reasons will likely be approved: 
    • post-graduate courses with significant live classroom instruction (attended either remotely or in person); 
    • courses which clear credentials;
    • add a new credential;
    • apply towards earning a Masters or Doctorate,
    • or support AVID implementation and development.
As always, you are encouraged to seek approval prior to registration.
If you don’t see the course you would like to take, don’t worry!  Unlisted courses will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. 
Form Link

Form Link

Click here to view and fill out the Pre-Approval Form.  Please fill out a separate form for each course desired.
Previously Approved Courses or Trainings

Previously Approved Courses or Trainings

Dominican University
Reflective Readers for the Real Teachers
The Cold War 9619
Reflective Reading 9002 Creating a Healthy Lifestyle 9706
Gateways to Learning 9033 Create Positive Learning Environment 9716
Fundamentals of Google Docs and Drive 9101 Discipline Designed for Today's Classroom 9718
Build Your Class Website 9105 Working Effect. w/ Traumatized Students 9894
Google Classroom 9149 Building an Effective Leader 9900
Whispering to Readers 92222 Innovative Professional Learning 9972
Teaching Strategies for Elementary ELL 9300 Maximize Student Success 9940
Teacher Self-Care & the Science of Gratitude 9502 Brain-Based Tools for Classroom 9940
Health & Wellness of the Educator 9533 Teacher Empowered Learning 9965
The New Deal 9619 Ignite Your Professional Practice 9983
World War II 9706 Developing Curriculum to engage all learners 9930
University of San Diego
Foundations 400 CP: Better than Carrots/Sticks 746
Teaching Positive Social Skills to Students 702 50 Things with Google Classroom 752
Creating Relevant, Positive Learning Culture 708 Google Tools for Collaborative Teaching 772
Infusing Literacy & Brain Research in Math 711 Engaging the K-12 Classroom 791
CP: Essential 55 724 Groupwork-Accountable Talk 794
CP: Teach Like a Pirate 726 Maximizing Student Achievement 796
CP: Mathematical Mindsets 737 Google Classroom 40105
LaVerne University
Bullying 712O Blended Learning 717X
RTI and RTI2 716F Microsoft Excel 718G
Creating Google Apps Classroom 717E    
Fresno Pacific University
Math Activities:  Primary Grades 900 Speed Training for Sports 909
Walking for Fitness 903 Core Body Training 928
Teacher CEU Toolbox
Achievement with Active Engagement Structures   Making Social Studies Matter  
Culturally Sensitive Teaching and Learning   The Needs and Nurturing of Adv. Students  
Effective Classroom Management      
American Council on Education
College Algebra      
Avila University
Flexible Seating 546    
Professional Development Institute (PDI)
Interventions MS Struggling Readers 111TD2 Classroom Management Survival 66T02
Embracing Diversity 12T02 Comprehension Strategies for MS 74T02
Preparing English Language Learners for Success 37T02    
Loyola Marymount
Flexible Seating 9097    
Student Athletes & Sport Psych 9138    
Bridging Multiple Worlds 9607    
Stanford University
Mathematical Mindsets 215N    
William Jessup
Kindness: Can It Be Taught? 549 Fostering Mathematical Mindset 687
Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences 692 Understanding Dyslexia 602
Take Control of RTI 693 Using Anchor Charts 659
Active Reading vs. Passive Reading 608    
Brandman University
A Moving Body, A Thinking Brain 5853    
Trauma Sensitive Teaching 5007    
University of the Pacific
Enhancing Technology Skills 9066 Developing History Curriculum 9033
Technology Resources 9038 Teaching More Creativity and Motivationally 9058
Art Projects and Lessons 9036 History Ideas for the Classroom 9019
Universal Class (IACET Provider)
American Civil War   History's Greatest Conspiracies  
American Government   Middle, High School Bullying  
American Heroes and Villians   Philosophy 101  
American History Review   Spec. Ed. 101  
American Revolutionary War   The Gulf War  
Ancient Civilizations   Twenty Women Who American History  
Economics 101   Vietnam War  
Economics 201   World Religions 101  
Geography 101   World War II  
History of Terrorism 101      
Tiffin University
Art and Culture of Graphic Novel 563    
Literacy Theory 564    
Colorado State University: Pueblo Extended Studies
Education Oppositional & Defiant Children 501    
Dealing with Difficult Parents 501    
Teaching Tolerance
Best Practices for ELLs   Responding to Hate and Bias  
Building Literacy Skills & Civil Rights Movement   Selecting Primary Sources for Study of Civil Rights Act  
Engaging Families in Democracy   Speak Up At School  
Equity Matters   Teaching Digital Literacy  
Identifying Bias When Teaching Civil Rights   Teaching Hard History:  Building Better Lessons  
Let's Talk Race, Racism, and ....   The Young and the Registered  
LGBTQ Best Practices   What is White Privilege Really?  
Next Gen Personal Finance
Brush Up on Taxes   Brush Up on Paying for College  
Brush Up on Budgeting   Investing Series 1:  What's an Index Fund  
Brush Up on Careers and Employment   STAX The Newest Game to Teach Investing  
Brush Up on Financial Pitfalls   Teaching Through Interactiveness  
Brush Up on Investing      
American School Counselor Association (ASCA)
Anxiety and Stress Management Specialist   Trauma and Crisis Specialist  
Career Development Specialist   Bullying Prevention Specialist  
Mental Health Specialist   College Admissions Specialist  
Grief and Loss Specialist   Cultural Competency Specialist  


AR 4030
All allegations of discrimination in employment, including those involving an employee, job applicant, intern, volunteer, or person contracted to provide services to the district shall be investigated and resolved in accordance with procedures specified in this administrative regulation.
(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)
(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)
(cf. 3312 - Contracts)
(cf. 3600 - Consultants)
(cf. 4032 - Reasonable Accommodation)
The district designates the position identified below as its coordinator for nondiscrimination in employment (coordinator) to coordinate the district's efforts to comply with state and federal nondiscrimination laws and to answer inquiries regarding the district's nondiscrimination policies. The coordinator may be contacted at:
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
750 Palora Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95991
(530) 822-7630