YCUSD statement on fifth day of teacher strike

YCUSD statement on fifth day of teacher strike
Posted on 09/14/2016
September 14, 2016

YCUSD statement on fifth day of teacher strike

On the fifth day of a teacher strike, student attendance rose slightly to 6,966. Ninety-three union members reported for work.

Unfortunately, recent developments cast doubt over the prospects for the strike or the underlying impasse ending quickly.

Union leaders have rejected an appeal by Yuba City Mayor John Buckland to return to the bargaining table with a city-appointed mediator. This refusal to continue a process that yielded encouraging results is troubling and disappointing.

And, although media reports have suggested YCTA has prepared a new proposal, our district has not received one from union leaders. As far as we know, the position of union leaders has not changed since Monday.

On Monday, our district put forward a framework that suggests an 11.1 percent raise over three years and that would bring top teacher pay to $97,000 per year. The union’s response to this was to seek the entire amount of the raise condensed into two years, rather than spread over three years. This would drive the cost of the raise from $7.8 million to nearly $13.3 million.

Our community will bear the cost of whatever terms are reached in this process. That is why it matters a great deal whether a teacher raise is structured in a way that costs our community $7.8 million, or in a way that costs $13.3 million. Suggesting a 70 percent increase in the cost facing our community is moving the discussion in the wrong direction.
The concept put forward by union leaders also includes provisions to repay striking teachers for the time spent on the picket lines. We find this concept unacceptable, as would any employer.

Our community suffers each day this strike continues. Students have lost time with their regular teachers, teachers have lost more than $1.2 million in salary, and our community has experienced a great deal of turmoil.

This is a strike that didn’t have to happen and that should be brought to an end.

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