Posted on 08/06/2016



The Yuba City Unified School District notified YCTA leadership today that it will file a formal request with a state labor board to block a planned teachers strike and require union leaders to return to negotiations.

The filing is in response to numerous instances of improper and illegal tactics by union leadership that would cause our community to suffer undue hardship under a strike.  In the filing, the YCUSD asks the state Public Employment Relations Board to seek a Superior Court injunction blocking the strike.While labor unions have a right to strike at the conclusion of the impasse process, the law requires that they avoid certain actions that harm a community’s ability to function under a strike.

Leadership of the Yuba City Teachers Association has refused to bargain in good faith for much of the 10-month negotiations period, putting forward a single, impossible demand and refusing to negotiate or compromise on it.  Further, recent coordinated union actions have sought to interfere with the district’s ability to hire substitute teachers to supervise and educate children during a strike.

These tactics are designed to maximize the turmoil caused by a strike, and they are not protected by state labor law.

Since negotiations began in September 2015, YCUSD has made six separate proposals to union leadership, each one seeking to address complaints or concerns made by union leaders in public forums.  Each time, these proposals were rejected.

In the same amount of time, union leadership has made one official proposal, seeking a 15 percent, across-the-board raise for all teachers. That proposal was amended in late 2015 to demand a 13 percent raise, but other elements added actually made the overall cost to the community higher than the original demand.

While a decision by the state board is pending, YCUSD will continue to make preparations for a strike to ensure the well-being of our students and to minimize the disruption to school families and our community. And, we will continue to hope that union leadership chooses negotiation over strike.

Our community has worked hard to create excellent schools and support them. We believe our community should not be subjected to the turmoil of a teachers strike while viable alternatives remain available and open for discussion.

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