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Architectural Design

Students trained in the Architecture Pathway will develop an overview of basic design functions and operations. Upon completion of the pathway requirements, students will find that their skills are highly marketable and will have the training to be employable as an entry level position in the architecture and construction  industry. Students selecting this pathway will engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation combined with hands-on contextual learning, including: project-and work-based instruction, laboratory, and career preparation. Students will explore and develop their innate creative talents to implement designs of their own. Students will research and work in multiple areas including product design, materials, process bidding, and rapid prototyping. Through the completion of this  program, students will learn the principles, history, and theory of design. Also, students will be able to use industrial and technological products and systems, learn how to use computer-aided technologies, and how to allocate materials and space efficiently. Further post-secondary education is highly recommended and may be required.