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Active Directory

Active Directory
Change your Active Directory Password
1. Log in on your computer (you may already be logged in – if you need clarification, ask your site tech)
    - You must be on the YCUSD network (this won’t work from home)
    - You must be on a wired connection (this does not work wirelessly)
2. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE
3. Select ‘Change a password…’ (or ‘Change Password’ in XP)
4. Enter your old password in the prompt
5. Enter your desired new password, keeping in mind the complexity requirements:
  - Must not contain part of your name or username (3 consecutive characters)
  - Must have at least 8 characters
  - Must have at least 1 capital letter
  - Must have at least 1 numeral (0-9)
  - Must have at least 1 special character (#, $, %, etc.)
*Example - (Kitty01) will not be sufficient,? (Kitty01!) will be, but is still relatively insecure (K!tty01!) would be exponentially better
6. Re-enter your desired password
7. That’s it!
Note: Smartphone users with email synced will want to change their password settings on their phone as well.
If the provided instructions won't work for you (you don't have access to an EAGLE machine, for instance) you can find our email account change/application form here: /portal/One.aspx?portalId=2124&pageId=109713.  Circle 'password change' and fax the form in to (530) 822-4354.
AERIES users – please note that this change *does not* affect your AERIES login.



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Aeries password change instructions:

1. Log on to Aeries at

2. Click the ‘Options’ tab in the upper right corner of the main page

3. Choose ‘Change Password’

4. New password must meet the above complexity requirements (email and Aeries passwords may match)

Note: If you teach at more than one school you will need to change the password for each site.





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(Active directory passwords are used for email, computer, Office 365, and Google logins)

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