California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
Login to the Test Operations Management System
Test Administrator Interface
Login for Test Administrators

Additional Test Administrator Resources
Calculators, Activities, Rubrics
Test Administrator Practice and Training Test Site
Training material for Test Administrators

Practice Test Visual Guide

This guide will help Test Administrators (TAs) through the creation of a testing session and provide instructions for student logins.  For use with the Practice Tests and Training Tests.

Practice & Training Test: Simulating a Testing Session

This one page, quick guide created for those who would like a cheat sheet, and don’t want to print the more thorough Visual Guide.

CAASP 2018 Directions for Administrators

This document is for Test Administrators during the operational summative assessment beginning March 27th.  It contains the script (SAY boxes) required for each session of SBAC.  

CAASPP Troubleshooting Guide

This document addresses common questions and problems that may occur with the technology during the test.  Specific to YCUSD.

CAASPP Technical Issues Report Form

This form is used to report Technical Issues that cannot be resolved with the basic steps of rebooting or switching testing stations.  This form should be completed by the Site Coordinator and the Site Tech.

CAASPP Question Types

Question types in the SBAC test and their corresponding technology components.


Keyboard Commands for Students

Commands for navigating in the browser