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FAQs about YCIA

Transfers to YCIA on Hold

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Transfers to YCIA on Hold

Notice that YCIA transfers have closed.
Requests to transfer to YCIA are currently on hold.  All requests made prior to August 1st will be processed.  YCIA staff will be reaching out soon.  Thank you for your patience.
Frequently Asked Questions About

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Yuba City Independence Academy
YCIA Academy
984 B Street, Yuba City
Andy Magenheimer, Principal
Apple and books with the message YCIA school starts august 6th
What is Y.C.I.A?
Yuba City Independence Academy is an educational option for YCUSD students who need an at-home learning environment. Students participating in this option will be enrolled in online learning facilitated by highly-qualified, credentialed teachers. The curriculum is rigorous and standards-based, aligned to YCUSD, and provided online.
YCIA is a WASC accredited school and high school courses are approved by colleges and universities as a-g aligned.
How do I enroll my student?
If you are a current YCUSD student, then you simply need to complete the intra-district transfer form available at the bottom of this page or at the school office in August. We will accommodate all requests prior to the start of the school. Any enrollment requests after the start of school will be based on availability. In the event you choose to return your child to their home school, you will need to complete the intra-district transfer process once again.
If you are outside of YCUSD, you will need to complete the registration packet in its entirety. Enrollment will be dependent on available space for out of district applicants and will not be notified until after the start of school when all internal, YCUSD students have first been accommodated.
Who will be my child’s teacher?
Your student’s teacher will be assigned from the staff at YCIA and deliver the instruction online to your student. All teachers are YCUSD teachers and will be providing your student coaching, support, and tutoring as they progress through the online courses.
Is my student able to participate in athletics and/or student activities?
Yes.  Your student will remain connected to their home school and be able to attend at-school events and extra-curricular activities at school as desired and available. High school students are able to participate in CIF athletics at their home school per YCUSD Board policy. 
What technology will my student need to access their assignments?
Your student will be issued a Chromebook on loan to use, or a personal device can be used. You will need access to reliable wifi in order to adequately access the online platform.  
What social-emotional and/ or counseling supports are available for my student?
A counselor will be available to your student four days a week. She is able to meet in person and/or virtually with your student. Your student has access to all services that would be available on a physical school site as well.
Are the courses at Y.C.I.A. campus accredited?
Yes. YCIA is accredited and all courses in the Edgenuity platform are standards-based and approved by colleges and universities as a-g and NCAA approved.
Will we sign a contract?
Yes. There will be expectations of participation and time engaged with the teacher and the program. This participation will be considered attendance and will be monitored. Parents will be receiving communication about progress on a routine basis.
How will my child be graded?
Grading will be consistent with YCUSD standards at all schools and report cards will be issued.

Intra-District Transfer Forms

To enroll in YCIA please print and submit an intra-district transfer request.  Please email completed forms to the Student Engagement Department at or bring completed forms to the YCUSD District Office at 750 Palora Ave and put in the slot by the front door.
Questions regarding transfers can be directed to the Student Engagement Department at (530) 822-7641.