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Community Eligibility Provision
(Free School Breakfast and Lunch.)
Our vision is to "Feed today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world." Our students and staff will be life-long learners; fueled by nutritious school meals; they will be creative problem solvers; and responsible, ethical, and respectful contributors in a global society. Our core values are sound nutrition, excellence in food quality and eye appeal, fiscally sound, teamwork, respect for all, caring and safe environment.
The goal of the Student Nutrition Department is to provide a nutritious well-balanced meal for your child, enhancing their ability to learn. The automated lunch program makes serving your child much easier and faster. Whether your child eats with us every day or only on special days, your business is important to us. School lunch provides 1/3 of your child's recommended daily requirements. While breakfast supplies 1/4 of the recommended minimum daily requirements.
Student Nutrition Department
730 Gray Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95991 
Phone (530) 822-5078