Start using Office and Office OnlineTop of Page

Office 365 includes Office Online and works with Office desktop programs. You can also use Office 365 to share and collaborate with people inside and outside your organization on documents you store in OneDrive.
  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your account.

  2. Select the app launcher  app launcher icon, and then select OneDrive*.
  3. Office 365
  4. Select New Document to create a document.
*This step MUST be completed before the OneDrive App (or the Office apps for iPad/Android) will connect and save 'to the cloud'.  Your OneDrive must be 'set up' before those apps will connect to it.

Mobile Device SettingsTop of Page

The best option for setting up your mobile device will be to use your address and password when (re)configuring your mobile device.  

If given the option, the account should be set up as 'Exchange' or 'Active Sync'.
Mobile device settings

These are the settings that should be automatically populated for you:

more mobile device settings

Each mobile device handles username/password/server/domain settings a little differently.  ITS is happy to help get you connected.  Please contact your site tech for assistance.  You can also always call us at 822.5032.