About the Accounting Department
Accounting is comprised of four sections: Budget Services, Payroll, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and General Accounting. All of our fiscal and accounting practices are regulated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, California State Accounting Manual, California Education Code and Board Policies. Our accounting records are audited and certified every year by an independent CPA firm.
750 Palora Avenue
Yuba City, California 95991
Phone: (530) 822-7671
Fax: (530) 822-7637
Laura Estey

Laura Estey
Director of Accounting

(530) 822-7670



Finance / BudgetingTop of Page

Trisha Collier
Accounting Manager
(530) 822-7616


Closing the Books
Consolidated Application and Reporting System
Charter School: In-Lieu Calcs
Audit Cash & Revolving Account
Children’s Center Support
Payroll – Timesheet Coding
STRS on Behalf – GASB 68
Lottery Calculations

Thomas Petueli
Budget Manager


(530) 822-7671


Budget Development, Interim Reporting
Budget & Salary Projections
Budget Transfer Approvals
LCFF Calculations
Site Budgets: 0000, 0790, 3010
Fixed Assets – GASB 34
Federal - Cash Mgt Data , Interest and Time Studies
Audit AP prelists

Blanca Arrendondo
Account Specialist III 
(530) 822-7675
Accounts Receivable (all invoicing)
Non-Public School & Due Process SELPA
Attorney/Legal Invoice Reconciliation
Interest Postings
Reconcile Monthly Cash
Assigned Budgets: Trans, Migrant, Smart Start, Fed Titles
    Medi-Cal, Donations,  YC Educational Foundation, APHS 

Mary Anderson
Account Specialist III

(530) 790-2592


Revolving Account Reconciliation
MAA Claim Data Reporting
Manage Budgets: Children’s Center, Food Svcs, ROP/CTE, 
  College Readiness, TCIP, Financial Budget Reporting
Deposit (Back up for Blanca)
Petty Cash start up/close down/reconciliation

PayrollTop of Page

Pam Lujan
Payroll Manager
(530) 822-7672


Payroll: Supplemental/End of Month - AUDIT
Section 125 
Tax Sheltered Annuities 403b / 457b

Pete Davis
Accounts Specialist III
(530) 822-7673


Student Body Accounts (ASB)
CalCard Reconciliation
Developer Fees

Kenneth Cook
Account Specialist II
(530) 822-7678


Payroll Distribution 
Retiree Check Deposit/Reconciliation
Stop Payments/Reissue Payroll Checks

Accounts PayableTop of Page

Val Allred
Account Specialist II

(530) 822-7677

Vendors A – L
All Utility Vendors (PG & E, Water, Pest, Etc.)
Copier Leases
After School Contracts (City of YC)
New Vendor Requests A – L
Prepare and pay quarterly sales tax reports

Kris Schuster

Account Specialist II

(530) 822-7678


Vendors M – Z
Employee Reimbursements
Reimbursing Revolving Account
Petty Cash Reimbursements – Sites & Depts
Travel & Conference Requests/Reimbursements
Prepay Requests
Payroll Hand checks
CalCard Payments
New Vendor Requests M – Z
Staples Invoices/Contact
Deposits (Back up for Blanca)

Linda Stephens
Account Specialist II
(530) 822-7676


Transportation Invoices
Maintenance Invoices
Facility Projects/Contracts
Office Depot Invoices/Contact
Food Service Invoices
Fuel Cards
Board Packets
New Vendor Requests for the Depts. Listed Above

Mission StatementTop of Page

The Accounting Department believes sound business practices are fundamental to the success of the educational endeavor. We strive to serve our customers by providing professional accounting services to accurately classify, summarize and report timely information on behalf of Yuba City Unified School District. We accomplish this through the innovative use of skills, knowledge, technology, effective communication and a dynamic team approach. We are guided by our core values of excellence, integrity, respect for others and our caring nature.